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North Bay Biz Journal - Destination: Wellness

by Jessica Zimmer | February 26, 2023

Physical activity is often an important component of wellness tourism. In the North Bay, sessions offered by solo practitioners, studios, resorts and wineries include a wide range of activities, including hiking, forest bathing, yoga, and pilates.

Jenny Harrow-Keeler, owner of Ecowisdom Wellness, a forest bathing business based in Santa Rosa, partners with Red Car Wine Co., Farmhouse Inn, AutoCamp Russian River and Dawn Ranch to introduce guests to stress-reducing mindfulness practices in nature.

Harrow-Keeler says tasting wine grown on the land where she leads walks offers a unique perspective into the concept of terroir.

“The idea is to spend time in nature in an open, curious, inquisitive and present way. As I guide anywhere from one person to a group of 25, I invite people to quietly notice all that is alive in the forest, from the sound of the birds to the way a blade of grass is dancing in the wind,” says Harrow-Keeler.

Harrow-Keeler says residents and travelers value being able to put work aside and allow themselves to recover.

“Forest bathing builds a bridge to include a bit of mindfulness and meditation in everyday life. It helps to have an expert there to guide participants on how to tune into the healing power of nature,” says Harrow-Keeler.


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