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Forest Bathing
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Forest bathing in the most hidden and majestic vineyards in Sonoma County not only provides an opportunity to slow down and reduce stress, but it also is an extraordinary way to connect to the terroir of this world-famous wine region through a full-sensory experience. 


Wine is a gift

from the Earth

Wine is a portal to the soul of the land, evoking all of our senses. For millennia, wine has been used for religious ceremonies and for celebrating life. It has been commemorated as a symbol of fertility, immortality, and divinity.

Forest bathing in a vineyard is an opportunity to create a conscious connection with wine. Wine is one of the few beverages that provides you with an opportunity to actually smell and taste the land it was grown on. Not only that, it can change dramatically from year to year, depending on the weather. Wine is like a time capsule; almost a magical opportunity to be able to visit a specific time and place that can never be fully replicated again. Visitors from around the globe come to Sonoma County specifically to experience wine country. By forest bathing and then tasting the wine from that vineyard, participants have the opportunity to experience this world-famous wine region in a completely unique way through a full sensory, mindfulness-based experience.

Beyond the compelling health benefits of spending time in nature, forest bathing in a vineyard is fun! My favorite part of working in the wine industry for six years as a Tasting Room and Direct Sales Manager was meeting and connecting with people from all around the world and sharing my home with them. I love Sonoma County and being able to share the beauty and magic of this land is a huge gift for me. 

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Forest Bathing Wine Tasting Experiences

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Forest Bathing in the Vineyard with Red Car Wine

Available by Advanced Reservation Only

Zephyr Farms Vineyard | Sebastopol, CA

Jenny Harrow-Keeler, Certified Nature Therapy Guide and Sonoma County wine professional, will guide guests in a meditative practice, opening up senses to the forest and vineyard that surrounds them. From there, we will meander up a small hilltop and taste single-vineyard Pinot Noir and Chardonnay– the wine grown on that very vineyard.

With a winemaking philosophy that emphasizes sustainability, minimalist intervention, and biodiversity – Red Car welcomes their guests to this rare wine country experience, one that truly epitomizes our viticulture practices.

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Fall Tasting at Bartholomew Estate VIneyards & Winery - Steven Krause (2).jpeg

Forest Bathing in the Vineyard with Bartholomew Estate

Available by Advanced Reservation Only

Bartholomew Estate | Sonoma, CA

Join us for an immersive forest bathing and estate wine tasting experience. Certified Nature Therapy Guide, Jenny Harrow-Keeler, will guide you through the Japanese meditative practice, shinrin-yoku, opening all five senses to the land and vineyard, connecting you with nature. Afterwards, you’ll be seated on the Oak Knoll for a tasting of wines grown on our sustainably farmed estate. Forest bathing enhances the wine, and the wine enhances your experience of the land!

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