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Private Forest Bathing Experiences

Embrace the Healing Power of Nature

Discover the practice of "Shinrin-Yoku," a Japanese term that translates to 'forest bathing'. This unique experience incorporates mindfulness and meditation techniques, inviting you to engage all five senses and forge a deep connection with nature for rejuvenation.

An expert guide will lead you on a journey to slow down, unplug from technology, and escape the stresses of everyday life. From a scientific standpoint, forest bathing has been proven to:

  • Relieve stress and anxiety

  • Alleviate depression

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Enhance sleep quality

  • Strengthen the immune response

Each forest bathing experience is led by Jenny Harrow-Keeler, a certified nature and forest therapy guide who will share simple mindfulness tools you can integrate into your daily life. This experience is perfect for team building, corporate retreats, families, couples, friends, and individuals alike.

Customized Experiences for Your Group

Looking for a unique forest bathing experience tailored to your group? Contact us to receive a personalized quote. We can customize your journey to meet your specific needs, ensuring a memorable and enriching experience.

Powerful One-on-One Sessions

For individuals seeking a deeper understanding of mindfulness or additional support on their healing journey, our one-on-one sessions are powerful tools. These personalized sessions offer the guidance and attention needed to enhance your well-being.


Join us on a path to relaxation and well-being, and rediscover the healing power of nature.

Get a Quote

Reach out and share about your group size and the experience you are looking for so we can put together a quote for you. EcoWisdom is based in Sonoma County but can also travel to guide a private forest bathing walk in other regions. Please select your preferred date and we will get back to you within 24 hours to see if we are available.

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