Jenny Harrow, MA

Master's Degree in Integrative Health Studies

Certified Integrative Health and Wellness Coach

Certified Forest Therapy Guide

Certified Guided Imagery Practitioner


Jenny (she/her) is passionate about leading individuals and groups on a journey of self-exploration and healing through her guided forest bathing walks. Her approach to leading forest bathing experiences is to share tools with participants to experience the benefits of mindfulness meditation through a guided nature connection experience designed to regulate the nervous system, evoke greater self-awareness, and enhance personal resilience. 

Jenny is specialized in mind-body awareness techniques, stress management tools, health education, trauma-informed care, ecotherapy, and integrative health advocacy.

In addition to guiding forest bathing experiences, Jenny combines her passion for organizing and integrative health through her role as Co-Founder and Executive Director of the nonprofit Integrative Healers Action Network (IHAN), which emerged during the 2017 Sonoma County wildfires and is committed to building resilient communities supported by trauma-informed integrative health care for first responders and survivors impacted by climate disasters.

Master's Thesis - EcoCoaching: An Integrative Health Coaching Model of Forest Bathing

My Story

In 2014, my own healing journey began when a scooter I was driving in Austin, Texas malfunctioned: the throttle was stuck in gear, and I was taken across four lanes of downtown traffic before being thrown thirty feet into a creek bed. Upon impact, several body parts were injured. I severely lacerated both of my knees and fractured five cervical vertebrae, my right scapula, and two ribs, which punctured my right lung, and I experienced a concussion from internal bleeding in my head. I spent two weeks in the hospital and it is a gift that I am alive!

My healing journey was full of pain, both physical and emotional. What challenged me the most was the latter. You know the phrase “dark night of the soul”? That’s what the first six months after my accident felt like. Nothing made sense anymore. The life I had built, the life I was living, no longer felt like my reality. Something new was emerging and I didn’t know what it was for a long time. It kind of looked and felt like depression, but I knew that something beautiful and powerful was building in that darkness. It was the first time in my life that not only did I not run or hide from the darkness, but I sat in it. ALONE. A LOT. Before the accident, I always numbed my pain. Whether it was with substances, people, or experiences, I was always on the run, hiding, and numbing.

What’s remarkable is that my body healed really quickly. Within four months, I was hiking in Armstrong Redwoods, an incredible old-growth redwood forest that is home to the tallest living organisms on the planet. I was able to climb steep hills surrounded by these majestic redwood trees on knees that had each undergone three surgeries within four days after my accident. Climbing those hills was hard and it hurt, and many tears were flowing. But I was climbing, and I kept going up and up and up. Those redwood trees were so huge and strong and beautiful. I didn't realize until later how much healing those trees brought to my broken body and spirit.

After my body healed, my spirit yearned for more. I was alive! And I knew that there was a reason and I felt strongly compelled to uncover my gift and share it with the world. Less than a year after my accident, I discovered the Integrative Health Studies Master's Program at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco and my heart knew that this was my path. After my accident, I was incredibly lucky to be so supported by my community, family, and a variety of healers – and I knew that not everyone is as lucky as me. So I felt called to find a way to make healing more accessible and approachable to everyone.

I am deeply passionate about sharing healing with others. To use points of struggle or trauma as an opportunity for growth and learning, to deepen connection and understanding with the greater universe we are a part of. That is what my accident did for me and the forest was a place where I was able to connect to my inner wisdom and align with my purpose on this planet. The sounds, the smells, the sights of the forest – they brought healing to my broken bones, and my broken spirit. I love to bring others to the forest, to help them to listen, to see, and to open.  I want to share that light cannot exist without darkness. That the dark night of our soul experiences can become gifts and opportunities to heal layers of ourselves we didn’t know needed healing. And the forest can hold and give so much to this healing. 

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