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Jenny Harrow-Keeler, MA


Nature & Forest Therapy Guide

Jenny (she/her) is passionate about leading individuals and groups on a journey of self-exploration and healing through her guided forest bathing walks. Her approach to leading forest bathing experiences is to share tools with participants to experience the benefits of mindfulness meditation through a guided nature connection experience designed to regulate the nervous system, evoke greater self-awareness, and enhance personal resilience. Her intention is to help participants open the gift of their lives through the healing power of nature. 

Jenny is specialized in mind-body awareness techniques, stress management tools, health education, trauma-informed care, and ecotherapy.


In addition to guiding forest bathing experiences, Jenny combines her passion for organizing and integrative health through her role as Co-Founder and Executive Director of the nonprofit Integrative Healers Action Network (IHAN), which emerged during the 2017 Sonoma County wildfires and is committed to building resilient communities supported by trauma-informed integrative health care for first responders and survivors impacted by climate disasters. 

Jenny lives in Santa Rosa, CA with her husband, two stepdaughters, and two kitties. She loves hiking, meditating, traveling, live music, gardening, reading, writing, and being in nature as much as possible. 

Master's Thesis - EcoCoaching: An Integrative Health Coaching Model of Forest Bathing

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