Experience the Medicine
of the Forest

"Every tree, plant, hill, mountain, rock, and each thing that was here before us emanates or vibrates at a subtle that has healing power whether we know it or not. So if something in us must change, spending time in nature provides a good beginning" - Malidoma Somé

Winter Solstice forest bathing Event Cov

Winter Solstice Forest Bathing

December 21, 2019

Foothill Regional Park

Windsor, CA

Foothill Regional Park was recently burned by the Kincade Fire but is already open to the public and is showing beautiful signs of regrowth and healing. The fires these past few years have brought physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges to our community through the trauma and loss experienced by many here in Sonoma County. We will visit this land to observe the resilient nature of the forest to awaken the resilience that we all carry, individually and collectively. Forest Bathing on the Winter Solstice offers the opportunity for our nervous systems to rest and recalibrate after the fires and to allow space for our grief, joy, or whatever is ready to arise to be present in our bodies.

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Earth Day Forest Bathing and Wine Tasting

April 20, 2019

Red Car Wine, Sebastopol

Explore the West Sonoma Coast wine region this spring with a special, meditative walk through Red Car Wines's Zephyr Farms Vineyard. 

Jenny Harrow, Certified Forest Therapy Guide and Sonoma County wine professional, will guide guests in a meditative practice, opening up senses to the forest and vineyard that surrounds them. From there, we will meander up a small hilltop and taste local cheeses, fruit and our single-vineyard Pinot Noir– the wine grown on that very vineyard. The experience will end at a Red Car’s modern and boutique tasting room with a seated tasting of small-production, cool-climate Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Syrah.

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Spring Equinox Forest Bathing

March 17, 2019

Redwood Glen Trailhead, Oakland

The Spring Equinox marks the first day of spring, it marks the beginning of the astrological year. It is a time for planting seeds and intentions. It is a time of blossoming, of renewal. Join Jenny Harrow, MA and Erin Caitlin Sweeney, MA on this three-hour guided meditative walk through the redwoods of Oakland to honor this holy time of transition. We will honor the cycles of the seasons, ourselves, and our journeys as we set aside this time for self-reflection and intention setting, not only for ourselves, but for the benefit of others and the world.

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Winter Solstice Forest Bathing

December 22, 2018

Grove of the Old Trees

Occidental, CA

Celebrate the shortest day of the year with a forest bathing walk where you will be guided to move in harmony with the natural world, to remember your innate connection to the earth and the practices of your ancestors, and to move into this next season with purpose and clarity. 

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Green Friday Forest Bathing Walk

November 23, 2018

Taylor Mountain Regional Park

Sonoma County

Beat the crowds on Black Friday by opting into a Green Friday instead! Jenny Harrow, certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide, will be leading a two-hour forest bathing walk in the beautiful hills of Taylor Mountain Regional Park. Bring your family and friends that are visiting from out of town! This is a very relaxing and fun way to connect to the stunning land of Sonoma County, as well as a great opportunity to practice self-care during the busy holiday season!

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Celebration of Life Forest Bathing Walk

October 6, 2018

Crane Creek Regional Park

This intentional walk in nature allows us to slow down, to listen, and to deepen into ourselves and the Web of Life we are a part of. During this time, you will be guided in slowing down so that you can explore the outer landscapes of this forest as well as the inner landscapes of yourself. Throughout this slow walk, there will be a combination of solo time as well as group sharing and integration. 

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A Walk in the Forest: A Day Celebrating the Fall Equinox

September 22, 2018

Mount Tamalpais

Join Jenny Harrow, MA and Erin Sweeney, MA for a daylong nature immersion and hike to honor the Fall Equinox. We will explore the sacred land of Mt.Tam as we dive into honoring the day of balance between light and dark, the day that marks the transition from summer to fall. We honor the cycles of the seasons, ourselves and our journey as we set aside this time for self-reflection and intention setting, not only for ourselves, but for the benefit of others and the world.


Forest Bathing and Wine Tasting in Sonoma County

July 28, 2018 - Red Car Wine 

Forest Bathing in the Vineyard

Looking for a totally unique experience in wine country? Forest bathing in the most hidden and majestic vineyards in Sonoma County not only provides an opportunity to slow down and reduce stress, but it also is an extraordinary way to connect to the terroir of this world-famous wine region through a full-sensory experience.

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Reno Buddhist Center Forest Bathing Walk

July 7, 2018 - Two Sessions

9:00 am | 1:00 pm

Reno Buddhist Center invites you to experience forest bathing, an ancient practice of mindful be-ing in nature, awakening your senses. A simple lunch will be provided at Sagehen Meadows. The session costs $30 for 3 hours with guidance.

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A Day in the Forest: A Summer Solstice Celebration

June 23, 2018

Pomo Canyon Trail, Sonoma County

Join Jenny Harrow, MA and Erin Caitlin Sweeney, MA for a daylong hike and healing journey through the forest on the edge of the Pacific Ocean in magical Sonoma County. We will be guiding you to awaken all of your senses as we hike with intention, moving from the ocean to high above the Russian River, and down below into Redwood groves. We will invite you to remember your innate connection with the natural world, to learn to listen to the stories of the land, and to remember the ways of your ancestors.

Women's Wellness Forest Therapy Walks.png

Women's Wellness
Forest Therapy Walks

April 21 | May 5 | May 19 | June 2

Sugarloaf Ridge State Park

Looking for a way to tap into your intuition and welcome what is wanting to be born in your life? Whether you are looking for some self-care time and tools, a space to explore and process a big change in your life, or an opportunity to connect with a community of women in the forest, this four-walk series will provide space and time for you to go within and nourish your body and spirit with the medicine that the forest and a circle of women can provide.