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Travel Curator - California's Most Unique Wine Tasting Experiences

by Carrie Bell | December 2, 2021



Despite being renowned for its Instagram-savvy tasting room design, on-trend branding, and buzzy social atmosphere, this Sonoma County company also recognizes the importance of slowing down, savoring the moment, and stopping to smell the Rosés. Well, the vines that grow the future ones anyway. That’s why Red Car partnered with former employee turned certified forest therapy guide Jenny Harrow-Keeler of EcoWisdom to offer a two-hour full-sensory experience that combines wellness and wine. She takes intimate groups or individuals on a meditative stroll around the seven-acre Zephyr Farms site in Freestone and leads them on an intentional discovery of sight, sound, smell, and touch.

Insider Tip: Becoming one with nature reduces stress to be sure but it also connects people more deeply with the very terroir that produces the Pinot Noir, local cheeses, and seasonal fruit they’re about to consume on a hilltop under the signature Sonoma Coast redwoods.


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